Welcome to International Revenue Recovery Group

Dedicated to assist hospitals with account receivables for their international patients.



IRRG crosses the globe for your receivables

 Our unique combination of dedicated experts in all claim types, state of the art technology and patient-sensitive attorneys will help you achieve timely revenue recovery while sustaining the dignity of both the patient and hospital.  


Global healthcare demands global financial solutions

International Revenue Recovery Group performs revenue recovery for hospitals on a global basis, effectively dealing with the obstacles that hospitals encounter while seeking maximum appropriate reimbursement for care rendered to their international patients. 


We recognize that some insurance companies and patients assume that geographic distance insulates them from their financial responsibilities

 IRRG redefines the borders that separate you from these important financial resources by closing the physical and cultural gaps that would otherwise prevent the realization of essential foreign revenue.

IRRG has no minimum requirements for account resolution procedures. We know that even a single account can have a significant impact on your revenue cycle--IRRG will make that impact positive.